CM Punk takes on AEW Fallout for the first time since All Out

Until this week, AEW had yet to deal with the fallout from All Out, particularly regarding CM Punk, but that’s changed a lot in the last few days. First, MJF did a longer promo after Dynamite where he called out those who came in to change AEW and praised Tony Khan for starting an alternative, and referenced Punk without naming him. Now Punk has discussed his time in AEW during his latest spot-on commentary on CFFC 115, and he seemed in good spirits as he took a few shots at himself for what happened, and so did his fellow commentators.

It was first mentioned that there would be another fight, but Punk had apparently hurt his shoulder so he couldn’t, and then Punk laughed and said, “Everything hurts. I take care of everything. My hand hurts.”

Then they joked that they started Fury Wrestling and that they would need a star to be a part of it, and then Punk referenced the various reports of locker room problems during his time with AEW saying “I’m bad news. You don’t want me in the locker room.” Then John Morgan laughed and said, “Yeah, that guy’s gonna mess up the whole organization, what are you doing? I love working here man (laughs). Don’t let him give press conferences.” Everyone laughed afterwards and Punk then asked “is this live?” With a smile.

As for MJF, his promo was about Khan creating AEW and then revolving around the drama that had unfolded over the past few months, and one specific part seemed to focus entirely on Punk.

“Everyone makes some noise if you’re a fan of professional wrestling,” said MJF. “Now, you guys think you wrestle with fans, imagine. Imagine getting the chance to take your love of professional wrestling to the world and create an alternative. Would you do it? This man, this man right here, breaking his ass week in and week out to give not just you, but all the guys in the back a chance to show the world how much we love professional wrestling.

“This s*** is not a ballet. Every time we step into this ring, we risk our lives. Do you understand? And we don’t take that lightly,” said MJF. “And what I damn sure don’t take lightly is someone coming into my company, dropping trou and making a mess. That doesn’t happen anymore.’

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