Claudia Rodrigues is hospitalized again with severe pain

The actress underwent a series of tests and it has already been ruled out that the pain is related to multiple sclerosis

With a severe headache, Claudia Rodrigues was hospitalized and underwent a series of tests

The actress Claudia Rodrigues was hospitalized again this Monday, 23 at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in São Paulo. searched by Young pan, the artist team reported that she had been hospitalized since Wednesday the 18th and was discharged on Saturday the 21st. The reason for her hospitalization was due to a headache that gradually increased. After she was stabilized, she was monitored and released on Saturday. She went back to Curitiba and it got worse, the pain tripled, and we had to take her back to the hospital. She had to be hospitalized to have tests and see specialists to find out why this is happening.”

Claudia has not yet received a diagnosis, but it has already been ruled out that the pain is related to the multiple sclerosis or with the treatment of integrated medicine that the actress does. “Since December her agenda has expanded, Claudia is active three or four times a week to give lectures about longevity and quality of life with her friend. Adrian Bonato, so straight they are on the road. This was not part of Claudia’s daily life, not least because she was imprisoned for three years due to the pandemic. Today she is in an active relationship, works and has daily activities. It could be too much activity, but this is still a hypothesis,” explains the team of artists, who are awaiting medical advice.

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