Cintia Dicker reveals the reason for her daughter’s postpartum surgeries

Aurora underwent two surgeries and had to stay in the hospital after giving birth.

Play/Instagram/pedroscoobyAurora is Pedro Scooby’s first daughter with Cintia Dicker

The model Cintia Dicker revealed this Monday, the 23rd, her daughter’s health problem Aurorafirst fruit of marriage with the surfer Peter Scooby. According to her, the girl was born with gastroschisis. This caused her to undergo two surgeries and be hospitalized after giving birth. Gastroschisis causes the intestine to grow outside the body before the child is born. Cintia remembered when Aurora was born and had to be admitted for her first surgery. “I was able to give her a kiss before sending her to surgery. At that moment her heart knotted and it did for the next thirty minutes. The procedure was over before they even completed my C-section. Everyone in the room was excited because it was a very successful business,” she said in an interview with Vogue magazine. “This is the greatest love in the world and I would do anything to make my daughter healthy. I learned to appreciate my mother and all mothers in ICU differently because of their inexhaustible strength,” he added. After five days in the hospital, Aurora had to undergo general anesthesia to place an intravenous tube. It then took another ten days for the baby to be discharged.

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