Chucky Creator Teases That “Interesting Cliffhanger” Heading Into Season 3 (Exclusive)

Full spoilers to follow for Chucky Season 2! Here we are after another year and another crazy series of episodes for the Chuckie TV serials. Like the show’s first season, season 2 ended by bringing many of its stories to a close while also setting up a few breadcrumbs that could lead elsewhere down the road. Fans may also have noticed how the seventh episode of the season felt rather like a season finale, while the actual season finale had a completely different vibe and was quite epilogue-like. Speaking to, series creator Don Mancini revealed that this was intentional on his part and how it plays into his future plans for the killer doll franchise.

“I just wanted to change things up a bit and play with the structure of the eight-episode format,” Mancini revealed in our exclusive interview. “I thought it was just narratively interesting to bring things to a boil so that they flare up in seven minutes and let everyone take a breather and get comfortable, and then say, ‘Oh, don’t get too comfortable.’ And also getting the chance to do a Christmas episode with Chucky covering the halls in Mary Michelle’s blood.”

Mancini teased that the idea for Chucky takes Christmas has been in his head for “decades,” something fans will no doubt remember from one scene in Seed from Chucky with Jason Flemyng. He adds:

“That’s one of the great things about the switch to the TV format. We have all these things at our disposal and it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re not in movies right now. We’re in the TV series, but let’s we focus on our climactic Christmas finale.’ That’s something that as a kid watching different shows I always liked about those shows so that seemed like fun and not such a crazy thing to do but like I said in terms of drama it was all about the characters think they can relax and what idiots they are.

At the time of our interview, no official word yet on the show’s renewal potential, but as the series has bounced back and forth between different mediums and maintained continuity, Mancini teased that if season 3 doesn’t happen, the story could continue in a feature film down the line.

“It’s an interesting cliffhanger where we left things on, because now those kids are a lot more, what’s the expression, head-on than ever before regarding what they have to do to deal with Chucky,” notes Mancini. “Because Caroline has now run off with Tiffany. Now they’re confiding in Miss Fairchild. So it’s basically those characters who have aged as children, but also as Chucky survivors. And now they’re more in the category of Kyle and Andy. They know the truth about Chucky. They have to go on the offensive now more than they ever have in the future.”

Where that future will be and what it holds remains to be seen.

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