Chucky Creator Reveals Series Has No Blood Restrictions (Exclusive)

Spoilers follow for Chucky Season 2!! As fans of the Chuckie TV series know, the show hasn’t done its best when it comes to gore just because it’s televised. This season alone, characters have had holes punched in their chests, split head to toe by a chainsaw, and even exploded to a bloody pulp (RIP Devon Sawa for the third time). While horror fans have loved every gore-soaked minute of the series, many are probably wondering… isn’t there a rule? In an exclusive interview with, series creator Don Mancini answered that question for us, essentially confirming that, no, there isn’t.

“I started learning how that line moves fast on television when I first worked on it HannibalMancini revealed. “I was often shocked. It’s like, ‘Oh, can you do that on network television now? Oh, where have I been?’ That’s a little bit. I think they’re on board. They’re on board with all this chaos, God loves them. They have been incredibly supportive. So I don’t think we’ve done anything that has offended them yet. So thank God.”

When asked if he’s ever been called by the Standards and Practices network asking him to pull back a scene, Mancini simply replied, “No.” He adds: “That’s one of the great things about working with the people we’re doing on this project. UCP is our studio and SYFY/USA, our network, they’re all horror fans. Mabye not that surprising with a network called SYFY, but that’s not always the case I’ve definitely worked on some movies with studio execs where this isn’t really their kind of movie, which isn’t to say they didn’t support our movie, but it’s not really their thing. And one of the benefits of being a parent I think is that now the network and the studio are run by people who grew up with Chucky And they like it They’re legit fans So, I’ve got in that regard good luck I think as I said they are very supportive of our brand of chaos.

Where can you watch Chucky season 2?

Currently the only way is to watch the new episodes of Chuckie season 2 is with a cable subscription, the series airs new episodes on USA Network and SYFY on Wednesdays at 9pm ET. However, after the show’s first season premiered, it quickly made its way to the Peacock streaming service, where it still is today. Chuckie Season 2 could very well take the same step after it wraps up its new episodes, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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