Christina Applegate slams comment accusing her of using disease

Christina Applegate got attacks on her looks and decided to hit back at a person who said she wears her multiple sclerosis to justify a botched plastic surgery.

The actress shared a screenshot on her profile tweetwhich contained a message addressed directly to her with the following text.

‘You didn’t look like that because of multiple sclerosis, a plastic surgeon did. And you are a hoax and not Christina Applegate. And by the way, he was a terrible plastic surgeon.”

Since her diagnosis in August 2021, Christina has been very open about her illness and how her body has undergone drastic changes, such as the Gained 20 kilos From that moment on.

Christina Applegate (player)

Although the message was offensive and rude, the actress did not seem to be negatively affected. Instead, her response condemned the attitude, showing that she would rather feel sorry for and laugh at people like this:

“I made the unfortunate decision to look at some of the comments on an article that talked about my kids and me in People magazine. Of course I told her [a pessoa que escreveu o comentário] that what she said wasn’t cool, and that was her response. What’s wrong with people? To be clear, I laughed it off.”

Reactions to Christina’s tweet supported the artist and criticized the user. “People with real challenges in their lives don’t spend time putting this kind of toxin out into the world,” said one user.

“You looked fantastic in the picture and so did your son’s suit [emojis de fogo]. Envy is an ugly thing that not even that person’s plastic surgeon can fix,” said another.

Christina Applegate has an autoimmune disease that attacks her brain

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological, incurable and progressive autoimmune disease (which attacks the immune system). This attacks the body’s own immune cells. This causes damage in critical places such as the spinal cord and brain and affects the myelin sheath, the layer that protects neurons, affecting the body as a whole.

Christina broke the news to fans via a social media post in a post that read:

“Hi guys. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few months ago. It’s been a pretty strange journey since then but I have the support of people I know who are also in the same situation. It’s been a rough road but as we all know, it goes on unless some idiot makes a lock,” he joked.

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