Chris Hemsworth talks about his villain Mad Max: Furiosa

Mad Max: Furious is the film that serves as a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road🇧🇷 Chris Hemsworth is in the movie as a mysterious villain and the actor has shared some details about him.

Furiosa has direction of George Millerand in the movie Anya Taylor Joy plays out the young version of the character Charlie Theron from the 2015 movie. The plot tells Furiosa’s origin story, but further details have not been revealed.

In an interview for the vanity fair, Chris Hemsworth spoke of his villain in Furiosa. He was careful not to give any spoilers away, but he did say that the villain is a complicated person, and there are some points that people can sympathize with.

“He’s a very complicated, rather evil person… Yeah, you don’t believe he’s evil. I say that early on I found ways to defend his actions and to empathize and understand him as he was. That was my job. But yeah, there’s a light and a dark that I’ve never played with.”

Director calls Furiosa a saga

George Miller was interviewed by Deadline in May of this year to talk about Furiosa. He said the film is a saga as it takes place in a few years.

“I’ll let you know how it goes when it’s done, but it’s a good start. All I can say about my enthusiasm for doing this is that it’s definitely exciting because while it certainly comes from that world of Fury Road, it also has a lot of the differences we talked about. And probably the biggest difference is the time span. Fury Road took place over three days and two nights and it takes place over 15 years. So it’s a story.”

Charlize Theron as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road (replay)

About the story of Furiosa anger awayit is known that she was taken from her home in The Green Place at a very young age, but kidnapped along with her mother by Immortan Joe and his gang.

Anya Taylor-Joy hopes the movie will change her

In an interview with the Associated Press, Anya Taylor-Joy talked about producing Angryand hopes the film will transform her.

“I’m very excited [para interpretar Furiosa]🇧🇷 I know that whatever person I am at the end of this will be very different from the person I am today, and I’m excited about that kind of growth. I think you can only really achieve that growth by challenging yourself intensely, and I can’t imagine a better role, a better director, and a better story to do that. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Mad Max: Furious is scheduled to hit theaters on May 24, 2024.

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