Chivalry 2 surprises players with free rewards, new progression system

Chivalry 2 players still active in the medieval war brawl got quite the surprise this week when Torn Banner Studios announced a battle pass of sorts. By the Chivalry 2 creators, this new progression system mirrors other models by giving players both a free and a premium reward track to earn as they play the game. It is scheduled to release as part of the Winter War Content Update, Torn Banner said.

If you have participated in battle passes from other games, Chivalry 2 implantation should be very familiar. You make your way through the pass by doing things you probably would have done anyway, like playing the game and completing certain tasks, and you can track your progress throughout the process.

“All players will receive free Campaign Pass rewards (gold, crowns, and armory items) just for playing as you normally would. All global XP earned while playing Chivalry 2 will be counted towards this Campaign Pass progression,” a preview of this new pass system said. “By default, the active campaign pass is assigned to all players, which means you don’t need to do anything to turn it on and the Winter War free track will be set to active when you download the Winter War update.”

The good news about this pass compared to options from other games is that the Winter War campaign pass has no end date. That means no matter how much time you have to play, you will eventually be able to get all the rewards if you play enough, as they never expire at any point. That may not be the case with future passes, but Torn Banner says that “Future campaign passes to Chivalry 2 may be permanent or timed depending on the update.”

In addition, Torn Banner has also already announced the rewards that will be given away in both the free and premium versions of the pass, so players can review those lists and see if the passes are worth their time. You can find the full contents of the passes here and future passes are expected to be displayed in a similar manner.

Chivalry 2 first battle pass arrives in the Winter War update.

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