China’s LDV G10 van replacement is due this year with an electric option

China's LDV G10 van replacement is due this year with an electric option

The aging LDV G10 – Australia’s third best-selling van – is due to be replaced later this year by an all-new electric-powered model.

A successor to the LDV G10 van is from China fitting in Australian showrooms before the end of this year with the option of electric drive, the local dealer has confirmed.

Chinese automaker LDV announced today that it will launch a new mid-size van in Australia in the last three months of this year, succeeding the eight-year-old LDV G10, the company’s competitor for the best-selling Toyota HiAce and Hyundai Staria load.

While today’s model is available with a choice of petrol or diesel drive, the new car will introduce the option of electric drive – as the second vehicle in its class after the Mercedes-Benz eVito.

The launch of the new mid-size LDV van in Australia is expected to coincide with the addition of life-saving advanced safety systems – like autonomous emergency braking – which the current G10 lacks, although this technology is standard on most rivals.

Advanced crash avoidance technology will become mandatory for new vehicles in the van category introduced after March 2023.

The LDV G10 replacement is also likely to offer more airbags – a significant improvement over today’s LDV G10, which lacks advanced safety technology and only offers two airbags for front occupants in frontal collisions.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but is expected to increase with the addition of new features and technology. The current LDV G10 starts at $34,990 for ABN owners in manual diesel form.

LDV has yet to confirm the name of the new vehicle.

However, drive understands that it is likely to be what is known in China as the Maxus V70 (where LDV vehicles are marketed under the Maxus brand), which was unveiled late last year (pictured beginning of story).

The company has yet to announce whether the current LDV G10 – as well as the ten-year-old LDV V80 – will be sold with the new van, or if it will replace one or both models.

The outgoing LDV G10 was until recently available in a choice of van or people mover formats – similar to rivals like the Toyota HiAce and Granvia, Hyundai Staria and Staria Load, and Volkswagen Transporter and Multivan.

While LDV has confirmed that the new van will have an optional electric drive, it is not yet known whether the other engines will be petrol or diesel, or if there will be a choice between the two.

However, drive understands diesel is more likely as historically the more popular choice among paraphernalia and van buyers.

Reports from China claim that the Maxus V70 will be available with a 2.0-liter 93 kW turbocharged diesel engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission. It is unclear if this engine would be offered in Australia or a more powerful option.

The new model will be available with three roof options, according to LDV.

In a media statement released today, LDV said: “The arrival of a dynamic new mid-size van in both [internal-combustion engine] and [electric] engine variants and three roof options” due in the last three months of this year.

“More information on this upcoming vehicle will be shared in due course,” the company said.

Despite being one of the oldest models in the mid-size van category, the LDV G10 was the third best seller in Australia in 2022. Its tally of 3159 sales trailed second-placed Hyundai Staria Load (3291) and was the top-selling Toyota HiAce (8748).

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