Charlotte Flair wishes she could have wrestled in Ric Flair’s last match

Charlotte Flair was on Tuesday’s episode of Today and discussed her dad, Ric Flair, who finally hung up his boots last year with the Ric Flair’s last game event in Nashville. During that fight, the 16-time world champion came out of retirement and teamed with Andrade El Idolo (Charlotte’s husband) as they defeated Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Charlotte, who was from WWE TV at the time, admitted she was jealous she wasn’t allowed to compete in the match.

“That was a long day,” Charlotte said. “Honestly, I was a little jealous (to see them in the ring together) because I thought, ‘Oh, I want to be a part of this,’ because I shared the ring with my dad, but not in that capacity, but then again, my husband has a chance to be next to him and at the same time I’m like, ‘Man, I wish my little brother could see this.’ My husband is a third generation wrestler, and then with my dad… it was great, picture perfect.”

Ric has openly admitted that he has a lot of regrets about the match, especially since he passed out twice due to dehydration. He stated in a recent episode of his To be the man podcast that he wishes he could do the match again.

“I’m begging to do it again. I’m begging because I’ve said to 100 people, ‘How do I forget to drink water all day?’ That’s all that happened to me. You saw me. I immediately drank five beers,” Flair said.

Flair spoke about his expectations for the game last year in an interview with ComicBook, stating that he would compare it to any other game he had after his initial retirement from WrestleMania XXIV – “It has to be really good, it has to be better than anything I’ve done after Shawn Michaels. It’s not about the money. It’s all about me rebuilding my confidence. It’s never been higher. At the time , at that time I still had problems with my self esteem and I paid (before his divorces) more to three people and had to go to work. Now I don’t have to do anything.

“But it got me a goal,” he continued. “I’m training. Kelly (Brewster) and I worked together, as partners in this (his upcoming comic series), but she also trains with me and it’s very hard work. We drive 45 miles to John Cena’s place in the morning for an hour and a half. And then we go to Saint Peak to train for two hours like there’s no tomorrow and it’s much more fun for me when I have someone to compete against.”

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