Character of the 2010 World Cup, Larissa Riquelme expresses her support for Brazil

The Paraguayan model posted an image with a Brazilian flag in Instagram Stories on Thursday, April 24

Play/Instagram/@LarissaRiquelmeLarissa Riquelme will support Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar

character of world cup of 2010, played in the South Africa🇧🇷 Larissa Riquelme appeared on social media this Thursday the 24th and expressed his support for Brazil in the world Qatar🇧🇷 The Paraguayan actress and model gained worldwide fame for the warm way she encouraged Paraguay in the competition. She appeared in the stands with her mobile phone between her breasts and on that occasion became the muse of the worlds. On social networks, the model posted an image with a Brazilian flag with the word “seguimos”. In the caption, she placed the Brazilian national symbol next to the Paraguayan flag. Larissa stated at the time that she would pose nude if Paraguay became champion. However, the team was eliminated by champion Spain. Brazil is in Group G with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. Check out the actress’s Instagram stories:

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