Chainsaw Man may have an impostor in his fog

Chainsaw Man anime adaptation has taken the anime world by storm, with Studio MAPPA telling the tragic and gory story of Denji as he tries to fulfill his everyday dreams of becoming a devil hunter. With the manga continuing to follow the world of the devils, albeit through a new War Devil protagonist, a fan theory has emerged that there may be a new Chainsaw Devil in town impersonating the Shonen protagonist who started it all.

The latest installments of the bloody Shonen manga focused on Asa’s friend Yuko who made a deal with the Justice Devil and used her newfound powers as the devil himself to take down more than a few of their classmates, thinking they were “bullies” ‘ killed. . Of course, as is usually the case, making a deal with a devil can have some dire consequences for the human being involved and those around them. Yuko kills more than a few innocent students, but reunites with Asa and buries the hatchet. Unfortunately for Yuko, she runs into a problem that separates her head from her shoulders and looks a lot like the Chainsaw Devil.

Chainsaw trickster?

Twitter user Denji Unleashed hints at the idea many fans of Chainsaw Man may have thought, with the ominous shadow of Denji looming large after taking Yuko’s head, but possibly hinting at an imposter in their midst when Denji was seen standing next to his dogs before. slept in the chapter:

The mystery of who could stay this new Chainsaw Devil, with the manga planting the seeds that there is a terrifying force masquerading as Denji. While we haven’t seen a devil in the past that could perfectly recreate Denji in his devil form, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a demonic entity that could look exactly like the Chainsaw Devil, based on the wild creatures. we have seen spring from the mind of Tatsuki Fujimoto in the past.

Do you think there is a Chainsaw Imposter threatening the world? Do you think the War Devil and Chainsaw Devil team up to fight a new threat in the future? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of the Chainsaw Devil.

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