Cauã Reymond talks about the earthquake in Indonesia: ‘Nothing happened where we are’

On social media, the actor posted a video about the situation in the country, which was hit by a magnitude 5.6 quake on Monday the 22nd. At least 256 people were killed in the tragedy

Play/Instagram/cauareymond/29.10.2021The actor is accompanied in the country by his wife Mariana Goldfarb

The actor Caua Reymond recorded a video about the magnitude earthquake 5.6 which reached the Indonesia this Monday the 21. On his Instagram, the actor, who is accompanied by his wife Mariana Goldfarb, said that “nothing happened” at the point where they were, but that they do not have access to the Internet. “I just heard there was an earthquake in Jakarta. Dead dozens of people, unfortunately, very sad. Here where we are, nothing happened. “We still have no signal where we are staying. So we take the boat and go somewhere else to talk to people in Brazil, learn about my daughter, work. Hope all is well there. And hope that this storm is over and we have internet again,” says Reymond. Authorities said the quake’s epicenter was in Cianjur, on the island of Java, the country’s main island, about 75 kilometers from the capital Jakarta. Because it is located on the so-called “Ring of Fire”, an arc of volcanoes and geological faults in the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is often hit by earthquakes and even tsunamis. However, normally the episodes are not felt in the capital.

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