Carolina Dieckmann says she lost her virginity to an actor; know who

Actress said she was in a relationship with the artist at the time of making the mini-series ‘Sex Appeal’, her first work on TV

Playback/YouTube/giohCarolina Dieckmann spoke on podcast that she lost her virginity with Vitor Hugo

The actress Caroline Dieckmann revealed that he lost his virginity to an actor with whom he starred in the mini-series “Sex Appeal”, his first work on television. In the plot shown by Globe in 1993, the artist played one of the five protagonists, Claudinha, whose romantic partner was Beto, played by actor Vitor Hugo. In an interview with the “Quem Pode, Pod” podcast, Carolina said she had a romance with her scene partner behind the scenes of the miniseries: “My first televised kiss was with Vitor Hugo, who was my boyfriend”. Giovanni Ewbankwith whom the podcast is running Fernanda Paes Lemeasked who the actress lost her virginity to and she said it was with Victor Hugo at the time of “Sex appeal”.

In recent years, the actor has appeared in Record TV productions, including ‘Chamas da Vida’ (2008) and ‘Os Dez Mandamentos’ (2015). Since 2017, Vitor Hugo has starred in soap operas in Portugal. Carolina has been married to for 19 years Tiago Worcman. She met her current husband when she was a child, while he was studying with her older brother. “Tiago is the love of my life, my whole life. I was already in love with him at school,” says the artist. “I remember picking out clothes to go to school. The first feeling that Tiago evokes in me is this. He wouldn’t even look at my face, he had girlfriends, he had many women. I was a brat, but I also had my kittens (laughs), but it was his eye.” The artist, who had other relationships before her marriage to Tiago, said she finds her story and that of her husband “the most beautiful in the world.”

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