Car News: The Top Stories of the Week, May 13-19 November 2022

Car News: The Top Stories of the Week, May 13-19  November 2022

Do you want to stay up to date in the world of automotive news? These are the most read stories of the past week.

Each week we keep you updated and bring you the ‘water cooler’ information on what’s been happening in the world of cars and driving, with the top five most read stories we’ve covered. Here’s what you need to know…

The market for hybrid and electric vehicles is growing rapidly. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about batteries – their lifespan, replacement and repair costs, and warranties, to name a few. You can find the full article here.

Video of a horrific high-speed crash involving a Tesla Model Y

A tragic high-speed incident in China involving a Tesla Model Y was caught on CCTV footage showing the vehicle weaving through traffic before spinning out of control. Read the full article here.

Production of the right-hand drive Chevrolet Silverado exceeds the mark of 5000 vehicles

Sales of locally remanufactured Rams and Chevrolets have hit record highs and the 5,000th Chevrolet Silverado rolls off the assembly line in Australia. The vehicles will be remanufactured following a move from Holden Special Vehicles’ former headquarters on the outskirts of Melbourne. Watch the full story here.

Volkswagen Amarok customer orders are growing rapidly

The number of pre-orders for the Volkswagen Amarok 2023 is already in the thousands, even without a price confirmation. The vehicles have yet to arrive at showrooms, but Volkswagen Australia has shown that demand for V6 diesel and four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines is high. Read more here.

Drive flashback: The Mitsubishi Magna

You will remember seeing this sedan on our streets. The Mitsubishi Magna’s Verada twin was a luxury V6 export from Australia that found its way to the United States. Read more about this blast from the past here.

These are the most read stories of the week. You can read all the car news covered by Drive in our newsfeed here.

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