Canceled Showtime series finds new home at Starz

Television cancellations have been happening on a wide variety of networks and streaming services lately, but it seems like a recent victim could finally have a happy ending. On Tuesday, a report of The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Starz will pick up the upcoming television adaptation of Three Women, a week after it was dropped by Showtime. According to their coverage, the series was also shopped on platforms such as HBO and Amazon before landing on Starz.

Three Women is based on the 2019 book of the same name by Lisa Taddeo and had completed filming on the entire first season before being suspended by Showtime. This is the second show Starz has rescued from another platform, after doing the same for the upcoming second season of HBO Max’s Minx.

What’s Three Women about?

Three Women is described as an intimate, haunting portrayal of American female desire, in which three women take a crash course in radically transforming their lives. The series stars Shailene Woodley as Gia, DeWanda Wise as Sloane, Betty Gilpin as Lina, Gabrielle Creevy as Maggie, Blair Underwood as Richard, John Patrick Amedori as Jack, Ravi Patel as Dr. Henry, Austin Stowell as Aidan, Lola Kirke as Jenny, Jason Ralph as Aaron Knodel, Blair Redford as Will, Jess Gabor as Billie, Brían F. O’Byrne as Mark Wilkin, Heather Goldenhersh as Arlene Wilkin, and Tony D. Head as Stephen .

“I think the biggest conclusion I’ve come to is that we’re all united by desire, or fear of losing desire, or losing a person,” Taddeo said of her book in an interview with GK. And Lina said it to all those women in the discussion group, she was like, ‘Don’t judge me if you haven’t been in my shoes. “Which of course has been said for ages, but she said it in relation to her desire. And I found that remarkable. We just judge each other. Men and women do it. Across all sexual preferences. [Especially in] these little communities, there’s so much judgment. The times when we call other people pathetic, we are just projecting our past and our fears onto them. But no one is pathetic.”

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Three Women is expected to air on Starz at a later date.

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