Bumper in Berlin Showrunner Reveals If Original Cast Will Be Part of New Series (Exclusive)

The Pitch perfectly franchise continues on Peacock next week with the arrival of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. The spin-off series follows Adam Devine’s Bumper as he tries to follow his dreams and become a solo music star, traveling to Berlin to work with Flula Borg’s Peter, a musician turned manager. The series’ first season consists of six episodes and is all about Bumper’s misadventures, so don’t expect a whole lot of cameos from other characters in the series. Pitch perfectly universe.

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin showrunner Megan Amram recently spoke to ComicBook.com’s Chris Killian about the new series, and she talked about returning characters. Bumper and Peter are both characters who first appeared in Pitch perfectly movies, and the show will focus solely on them. That means different Pitch perfectly characters will not appear, at least not in the first season.

“For whatever reason, we didn’t look for cameos because it was important to me because we had two Pitch perfectly characters in Bumper and Peter (Borg) that – it’s only six episodes – I wanted to make sure they really had time to catch their breath and get to know new people without just overloading the show with cameos,” Amram explained from. we have a season 2 that would definitely be exciting for me. But it felt like it was its own cohesive thing for Season 1.”

When the series was announced, Amram revealed that the idea for Bumper in Berlin resulted from the possibility of Pitch perfectly universe and still make something totally unique.

“Of Bumper in Berlinthe other producers and I decided we wanted to expand the world of Pitch perfectly into something recognizable yet unique,” said Amram. “We wanted to keep what made the movies special, but create a new world that felt completely original. To take the elements of the movies we know and love — the humor, the camaraderie and the music — and turn it into something sweet and absurd. Two beloved characters from the films are joined by an all-new cast of characters that hopefully add a freshness and absurdity to the franchise the world already loves.”

The first season of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin arrives at Peacock on November 24.

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