Bruna Griphao says she has a ‘moral hangover’ after kissing Gabriel on ‘BBB 23’: ‘I was just acting stupid’

Sister warned former Casa de Vidro that she does not intend to have a romance on the reality show

Play/Instagram?@Bruna Griphao and Gabriel kissed at the “BBB 23” party

The actress Bruna Griphao she regrets the attitude she took at her first birthday party Big Brother Brazil 2023. During Thursday the 19th’s X-ray, the sister made comments about her behavior on the show Anita and said she regretted kissing Gabrielgives Glass House. “I have a big moral hangover. I’m the biggest hypocrite this game has ever seen. I managed to be a hypocrite at the party yesterday, everything I said I didn’t do. I said I wasn’t going to drink, I was drinking like crazy; I said I wasn’t going to smoke, I smoked; I said I would never have Gabriel, I did. That’s it, I just screwed up. Sorry, Mom and Dad,’ he said. Many times during the party, Griphao hesitated to kiss Gabriel, while the São Paulo insisted. Around 3am, the couple finally kissed – the duo also slept together. This morning, Bruna warned Gabriel that she doesn’t want to have a romance on the reality show, saying she can’t remember what happened last night.

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