Brooke Shields denies press and says she never dated Michael Jackson

Brooke Shields decided to bury a decades-old gossip and made it clear that there was never anything romantic between her and Michael Jackson.

The actress and singer have been friends for a long time and their relationship has been the subject of many rumors, lies and distortions, which she discusses in her new documentary.

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (via Variety), Beautiful baby: Brooke Shields opens up about his life and the traumas of his start in cinema at a very young age.

Brooke explained in the documentary how, although the press painted their friendship as something sexual and romantic, they were “too childish” for that.

The two met in 1978 and quickly became friends. “We were both very young in some ways and mature in others,” he said.

“We had a strong bond. We both need to grow up fast, but when we got together we were just two young people having fun. We spent a lot of time together.”

Michael Jackson (play)

“To myself,” admits Brooke Shields on documentary

While it’s a way to spark a discussion in society about the early sexualization of teens in addition to so many other traumas Brooke has endured, the actress confessed that there’s more to the project.

Besides being a moment to share your story with the world, Beautiful baby: Brooke Shields it is also a step by the actress not to withhold anything that could poison her.

“Being as honest as possible has always been one of the essential parts of my journey. Not only for the people in the world, but also for myself. I didn’t want to be shut down, and the industry is trying to make you that way. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that.”

Brooke Shields (player)

A few months ago, Brooke complained about being snubbed by the movie theater for being a 57-year-old woman.

According to her, Hollywood is unceremonious about throwing girls out after they reach a certain age:

“I still have my career, I still work, but here I am shocked at how underrepresented I am. Either you’re in your early twenties and sexy and fabulous, or you’re wearing adult diapers and dentures. From the age of forty, we begin to live our lives, but then they take us out of the market. He’s ready. And once it’s over, you stop working, you’re taken out of the game. It makes me crazy.”

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