Brazilian model is not allowed to fly to Qatar: ‘Because I’m fat’

Juliana Nehme’s situation has not yet been resolved; she is stranded in Lebanon with her mother where they were supposed to take a flight to Doha and then return to Brazil

Play/Instagram/juliananehmeThe airline would have required Juliana Nehme to buy two tickets or business class

the Brazilian model Juliana Nehme made an outburst on social networks saying he was a victim of fat phobia last Tuesday, the 22nd, when she was not allowed to board a flight to Lebanon in Lebanon. Qatar because of your weight. “The Qatari flight attendant said I can’t get on because I’m too fat and I’m not entitled to this ticket. I paid $1,000, it’s R$6,000. It’s me, my mom, my sister and my cousin, we paid $4,000 for these tickets and now she just refuses to give me the tickets and let me board the plane,” he reported. Juliana traveled to the Lebanon by Air France and stated that he did not experience any problems: “Everything went well on the flight! I came on an economic ticket and have not experienced any embarrassment or intimidation.” For her return journey, she bought tickets to land in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and from there she would travel on to Brazil. According to Juliana, the confusion started shortly before boarding: “A flight attendant called my mother while the girl was completing our check-in and told her that I was not welcome to board because I am fat and they would not receive me at the airport. flight! Only if I bought a first class ticket.” Since the difference in value would be too great, she didn’t know what to do. Realizing that she would not be able to board the plane, she asked to return her luggage, which had already been checked in.

The model said that at one point she even tried to buy the ticket the company needed, but they refused to sell. “I stayed almost 2 hours and begged to travel. My mother has tried everything. I was threatened. When I tried to record what they were doing, the girl at the desk pushed me and it didn’t help. I was threatened if I didn’t stop recording. I’m stuck in Lebanon. They wanted my mother to go away and leave me here alone, but I don’t speak English or Arabic. She refused. My sister went to Brazil with my nephew and we stayed here,” said the Brazilian. “I have no money to stay here longer and they told me to pay another ticket for my mother and upgrade mine to [a classe] executive, but nobody wanted to sell me! I was extremely humiliated in front of all the people at the airport! All because I’m fat.” To travel in economy class, the company would have required the model to buy two tickets and still have to pay a fine for not traveling on Tuesday. Juliana has not yet returned to Brazil. Thursday morning, the 24th, she said she has been in contact with the Brazilian ambassador in Lebanon and is getting help: “He is doing everything he can to help us, but he said it is very difficult in relation to Qatar”.

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