Brazilian dancer Ingrid Silva is a victim of racism in an American park: ‘Cleaner?’

Artist, who has lived in New York for 14 years, made an outburst on social networks and gave details about the case

Reproduction/Instagram/ingridsilvaIngrid Silva is a professional dancer and has been living in New York for 14 years.

the classical ballerina Ingrid Silva reported on social networks a case of racism he suffered during a walk he took with his family in Philadelphia, United States. “I was exploring the city with my family, getting to know things and I went through a very complicated act of racism on the street,” he said in his Instagram stories last Tuesday, 17. “An American, who speaks Portuguese, was in the park where we were, saw me talking to her [Laura, filha de Ingrid] in Portuguese and said, “Oh, Brazilian?”. I said, ‘Yes, I am’. Our entire conversation was in Portuguese.” The American noted that in the Rio de Janeiro, the ballerina’s hometown, two weeks ago and the Brazilian joked that he was in Brazil’s best city. “He said, ‘Do you live here in Philadelphia?’ I said, ‘No, I work here. I came to work’. He said, ‘Cleaner?’ When he said that, somehow he got me [fiquei em] shock,” he said.

Ingrid lived in New York for 14 years and said this was the first time she had faced such a situation. “I never spoke to anyone who just assumed, because I was a black woman, that I would clean, or put it into words. Nothing against people cleaning, not at all, my mother was a maid, but I didn’t think anyone started a conversation that way,” he noted. “Look how structural racism and the base of the pyramid are crazy. Not crazy, it’s all structured in such a way that black people don’t get the chance to grow up or when they grow up they’re not seen that way.” Ingrid regretted what had happened and asked for more awareness. “White people, study, educate yourself, stop talking this shit, we are tired of hearing this shit. And this is for you to see that even when I got to the level that I got to today working with what I’m working with everything I represent because I’m a black woman he associated me with [a uma faxineira], did not associate me as the president of Brazil, or the director of a large company, a CEO or even a classical dancer, he was surprised,” he stressed. We can be whatever we want.”

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