Brazilian cartoonist arouses suspicion of plagiarism in Netflix series 1899

On social media, she pointed out similarities between the streaming work and the story she released six years ago.

Play/Instagram/@marycagninThe artist said he was heartbroken by the situation

Brazilian cartoonist Mary Cagnin used 20 social networks this Sunday and accused the series 1899, recently released on the streaming platform Netflix, from copying the comic book Black Silence, which she released six years ago. With the backlash of the case, the term “plagiarism” entered the network’s most discussed topics in Brazil. Mary even pointed out how her production could have reached the creators of Netflix. She stated that she participated in the Gothenburg Book Fair, in Sweden, when he distributed the work to various publishers in the comic book world. “It is not hard to imagine that my work appeals to them. I not only provided the physical comic, but also made the translated version available in English. I cried a lot. My dream has always been to be nationally and internationally recognized for my work. And to see something like this happen really breaks my heart. We know that in Brazil we have few opportunities to showcase and be recognized for our work. We cannot think that just because we are Brazilians, we have to accept this kind of contempt and indifference. We have countless cases of gringos copying us, in movies, series and songs. As in the case of the movie “The Adventures of Pi”, which was copied from a Brazilian book,” he wrote. Also, the artist will evaluate the legal procedures she has to go through.

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