Boruto shares ominous update on Code’s growing army

Boruto: Naruto next generations sets the stage for the next major conflict of the ongoing Code arc in the manga, and the latest chapter of the series has shared an ominous update on the former Kara member’s dangerously growing army! The last few chapters of the series have focused on seeing the Hidden Leaf Village fully integrate Amado, Eida, and Daemon into their ranks, and that means we haven’t really seen what Code is preparing on the outside. There’s so much to worry about with just Eida alone, it’s easy to forget there’s another massive threat lurking as well.

The latest chapter of the series served as an important reminder of both threats, as there is now trouble both inside and outside the Hidden Leaf Village. While Kawaki is now making his own moves and walking a dark path, the latest chapter of the series also saw an ominous update shared that Code is building an army with a thousand monsters drawn from the Ten Tail… and the is a number that is only growing.

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What is Code Planning Next in Boruto?

Chapter 77 of Boruto: Naruto next generations reveals that while Shikamaru and the rest of the village already have their hands full with Kawaki, Daemon and Eida quickly moving on to do their own things, Code is still well on his way to launch his major counter-attack on the village . Code has wrapped the Ten Tails with his Claw Marks, and this makes “Claw Grime”, a monster soldier over which he has complete control.

As Code explains, as of this chapter, he’s stashed “over 1,000” and counting. He wants to attack the Hidden Leaf Village, but knowing that Eida is there won’t have the element of surprise on his side. Even Eida mentions that she has no idea what the final count will be for these monsters when Code decides to make his move, and so another major threat is on the horizon that will threaten the entire village at large.

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