‘Bonnie and Clyde’: Meet the musical where audiences are ‘at risk of being robbed’

Compelling show stars Eline Porto and Beto Sargentelli and can be seen in 033 Rooftop, in SP

Disclosure/Stephan SolonEline Porto and Beto Sargentelli star in captivating ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

Don’t be scared like the actor Beto Sargentelliin the skin of Clyde Barrowask for your car keys or eat a treat that is on your table, it’s all part of the immersive experience of musicalBonnie and Clyde”, currently on display in São Paulo. Without a conventional stage and with tables that wrap around catwalks, the show proposes to place the audience in the story of the real-life bunch of outlaws who made history in the United States during the Great Depression. Upon entering 033 Rooftop, the audience is confronted with a real Ford V8 – a car that was the main character’s passion. “By the time this project was underway, we had worked with the Adriana Del Clarowho also produced and acted in the show, had the idea of ​​bringing a car into this space, and she said, ‘Let’s make it happen,'” Beto, producer and performer of Clyde, said in an interview with Young pan. The 1930s car was found in Curitiba and underwent restoration for the musical. “It was a big dream to bring this car and complete this experience. It’s basically a replica of Bonnie and Clyde’s car and this is the first build in the world to do so.” Elaine Portowho brings Bonnie to life and completes the show’s production team.

In addition to entering Ford V8 to take photos, audiences can purchase food and drinks to consume at their table during the show, and the menu is also designed to connect those following the couple’s trajectory – who met when Bonnie worked at a snack bar. By being immersive, the actors break the fourth wall and interact with the audience. “It is wonderful to be so close to the people. Seeing reactions, being able to walk through space. It’s actually a marathon. Leaving a place, changing costumes, moving to another part of the stage. It’s a rush, but it’s really cool given this spaciousness, because you can privilege all the places. I say there is no bad place. Wherever you sit, you can watch the play and have a good experience.” The plot shows that between one robbery and another, the couple gained space in the newspapers of the time and became loved by a populace that was starving and dreamed of getting out of poverty. At one point, Bonnie can be seen signing an autograph during a robbery. The popularity of the couple was so great that in 1967 Bonnie and Clyde were the subject of a successful movie in Hollywood and in 2009 they inspired the musical that won a Brazilian montage this year.

Eline Porto and Beto Sargentelli as Bonnie and Clyde

Musical plays at 033 Rooftop, in São Paulo – Photo: Disclosure/Stephan Solon

Fans of the cinematographic work will not be disappointed in the musical, according to Beto and Eline, which also pays attention to the relationship of these young people who are also known for their major bank robberies. “This love that we report on the show stems a lot from Bonnie’s poetry. She actually wrote poetry about that time and it was later published. She talks a lot about this love, this maddening passion they had. Of course we never know, a legend has been created [sobre esse casal], the generations pass as they think it should. I’m suspicious to say, but I put a lot of trust in what Bonnie wrote,” the actress scored. Clyde’s interpreter points out that the musical strip has no intention of taking sides. “The show shows how laughing at one’s own misery is a critical laugh and introduces a social debate in a more toned-down way. The musical does not condemn either party, does not defend the crime, much less romanticize it. There’s a balance, it doesn’t defend Bonnie and Clyde, nor does it portray them as bloodthirsty. Everyone who watches interprets it in their own way.”

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  • Local: 033 Santander Theater Rooftop (Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041 – Vila Olímpia)
  • Season: March 10 to May 14, 2023
  • Sessions: Friday at 8pm | Saturday at 3.30 pm and 8 pm | Sunday at 3:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Prices: VIP sector R$ 250.00 | Sector 1 BRL 220.00 Sector 2: BRL 75.00
  • Tickets: www.sympla.com.br

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