Boninho praises Tiago Leifert’s first narration at World Cup: ‘This is my dear friend’

Former BBB presenter talked about Brazil’s 2-0 win against Serbia

Play/TV GloboBoninho praises Tiago Leifert’s first World Cup narration

TV Globo’s television director, cutepraised the journalist’s first narration James Leifert Bee world cup🇧🇷 This Thursday, the 24th, the former BBB presenter told Globoplay the victory of the Brazil 2-0 against Serbia🇧🇷 After the game, Boninho took to social media to talk about his friend and shared Leifert’s moments during the broadcast. “This is my good friend Tiago Leifert narrating the game in Brazil. Could you be happier?” he wrote in the publication’s caption. The journalist thanked the tribute in the comments. “I love you Big Boss,” he insisted. In addition to the BBB, the two already worked together on The Voice Brasil.

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