BMW to test solid-state batteries for electric cars this year – report

BMW to test solid-state batteries for electric cars this year - report

German automaker BMW is taking the next step toward solid-state batteries, joining Toyota, Volkswagen and VinFast in accelerating the new technology.

BMW intends to start trial production of solid-state batteries later this year, with the goal of having a test car with the new technology on the road by 2025.

The German carmaker uses its connection to a US start-up, Solid powerwho also has ties to Ford.

According to reputable journal Automotive NewsBMW has just applied for a research and development license.

It will allow BMW to begin prototyping solid-state components at its Cell Manufacturing Competence Center near Munich, Germany, as Solid Power will also make full-size automotive cells available to the BMW Group for testing in 2023.

“BMW continues to rely on solid-state batteries, a technology that we believe has significant future potential,” said BMW Board Member for Development Frank Weber in a press release.

“We anticipate that this agreement will accelerate the installation of our solid-state prototype line.”

Major automakers are focusing on solid-state battery development because of the promise of longer range, faster charge times, reduced fire risk, and lower cost.

As previously reported by driveAn all-solid-state battery uses solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte instead of the liquid or polymer-gel electrolytes used for traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Toyota has already developed a solid-state battery concept car, unveiled as the LQ for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and is aiming to have a production car with the battery technology — most likely a hybrid — ready by 2025.

The battery in the Toyota LQ is the result of a collaboration between Toyota and Panasonic, who established a joint venture company in 2020.

Volkswagen also has a solid state partnership, in its case with QuantumScapea tech company founded in 2010 that says it has deals with three other major automakers.

Volkswagen is QuantumScape’s largest shareholder, having invested $300 in the company.

The Vietnamese car manufacturer VinFast is also researching solid-state battery technology.

It has a partnership with Taiwanese start-up ProLogium Technology and has previously announced its intention to introduce solid-state technology in its production vehicles by 2024, as reported by Automotive News Europe.

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