Bleach cosplay hypes up Yoruichi’s millennial blood war comeback

Bleach: Millennial Blood War will return later this year with the next batch of highly anticipated episodes, and a great cosplay is ready for the reunion with Yoruichi Shihouin! After waiting for more than a decade, the Bleach anime adaptation returned in full, taking over the final arc from Tite Kubo’s original manga series. Despite all the anticipation and huge pressure from fans who have been waiting all along to see it in action, the series really lived up to the hype as fans were instantly drawn to each new episode of the series as they aired.

The first wave of episodes torrent Bleach’s new series introduced several huge fan favorites that we’ve been waiting for for a long time, but there were still some big names that have yet to make their return to the anime. Topping this list is Yoruichi, who plays a major role in the final arc, and artist @cheheaven on Instagram makes waiting for Yoruichi’s return to the anime all the easier with a perfect cosplay! To look at:

How to watch Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2

Bleach: Millennial Blood War may have completed the first batch of episodes of the new series last fall, but will be back for new episodes later this year. Part 2 of the series is currently scheduled to premiere in July as part of the Summer 2023 anime schedule. The number of episodes for this course has yet to be revealed, and there’s no concrete release date yet for the new slate , but now is the perfect time to catch up on everything that has happened so far.

If you want to catch up on the original run of the anime and the first batch of episodes for Bleach: Millennial Blood War, you can now stream it all with Hulu. As for what to expect from the new series and all the big fan favorite comebacks we’ve seen so far, it’s been teased as such: “When a new enemy appears, Substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki jumps back onto the battlefield with his Zanpakuto to help people in need.”

What are you most looking forward to when Yoruichi finally comes in? Bleach: Millennial Blood War? Let us know all your thoughts on it and everything about anime in the comments!

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