Black Friday shoppers share best-buy stories

Black Friday is here and some people are sharing their best stories about standing in line at Best Buy. In the late 2000s and past decade, shoppers took to the streets to secure millions of home electronics and other goods on Thanksgiving night. Well, the tradition isn’t quite dead yet, as some people still make the trek to the big box store. Concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic hardship have analysts worried about the rise and its impact on the larger economy. But there are still consumers fighting for TVs over 50 inches. CNBC spoke to Jessica Distler, general manager and partner at BCG about the outlook for Black Friday this year.

“Black Friday is a pivotal time in the retail calendar for brick-and-mortar and online retailers still recovering from the Covid pandemic and now facing consumers in many markets reducing their spending plans for many non-essential items,” Distler said during the report. of the outlet.

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