Black Clover reveals first details from Clover Kingdom’s final war

Black clover gears up for Judgment Day as the series’ final arc gets underway for the main stage, and the series’ latest chapter has revealed the first details about what Asta and the others may expect for the final war for the Clover Kingdom ! The Ultimate Wizard King kicked off with a bang when it was revealed that Lucius Zogratis would waste no time with his move after taking control of Wizard King Julius’ body. The villain quickly defeated Asta in the process and made his statement that he would move on to Judgment Day in a week.

With the brainwashed Sister Lily being defeated by Asta with the series’ previous chapter, it’s thankfully clarified that he was able to temporarily free her from Lucius’ mind-controlling power. With this bit of clarity, she also begins to reveal more of what Lucius has been doing to prepare for Judgment Day while Asta was training with Moves. With only three days left, Lucius has built a divine magic for himself.

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How does Lucius prepare for Judgment Day?

Chapter 350 of Black clover sees Sister Lily explain to Asta and the others that there are three days left before the final war for the Clover Kingdom. To prepare, he has used the bodies of his three other siblings to combine their body, blood, and bone magic to blend with his own soul magic to greatly increase his own power. Lily affirms that with his power, he can now change the human mind and body as he pleases, even creating humans out of thin air.

He now wants to use that power to control all the magic in the world, and it really paints a dangerous picture of what he’ll be capable of with this final war. He was able to transform Sister Lily into a much stronger fighter that only Asta could defeat before boosting with all these other powers so you really wonder what the last Paladins he makes will be capable of as the Day of Judgment really begins. high gear.

Are you ready for the Day of Judgment Black cloverlast arc? What fights do you hope to see? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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