Black Clover reveals Asta’s worst fear

Black clover has brought Asta back to the frontline as his last major training arc of the series comes to a close, and the latest chapter has the hopeful Wizard King facing the revelation of his worst fear! Asta was in the middle of his final training arc for the final arc of the series overall following his loss to Lucius Zogratis. Asta trained with the Ryuzen Seven to master the technique they use in the Land of the Sun and needed to rise to power quickly to face Lucius and his growing army of Paladins.

With the previous chapter of the series featuring the Ryuzen Seven battling the brainwashed Sister Lily and the two other Paladins who came to destroy the Land of the Sun, Asta was able to jump back into the fight and teased that he ended his last battle. education. But before he could fully throw himself into battle, he faced an enemy who threw his worst fear at him. It turns out that Asta’s biggest fear is his feelings of inferiority.

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What is Asta’s biggest fear in Black Clover?

Chapter 348 of Black clover picks up shortly after Asta saves Ichika, and he and Liebe soon learn that Yuri’s magic showed her an illusion. Soon after, Yuri tries to do the same to Asta, and Asta then sees a version of himself openly saying that he cannot become the Wizard King, and that he is not as strong as Yuno. It’s a fear that surprises Yuri, but Asta doesn’t budge. Asta knows full well that he has faced these doubts all along, but has just pushed them down, breaking the illusion.

Asta declares that he is getting rid of his own weakness by completing his last training and realizes what his true purpose has been all along. While others may be stronger than him, and he feels he has no talent, he knows he has to train to make himself that much stronger. Even if he loses, he knows he has to work hard to make sure he can save everyone who needs his help. It’s a desire that will take him to the end of the series.

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