Black Clover finally gives Asta and Lily a heart to heart

Black clover sets the stage for the final war for the Clover Kingdom in its final arc, and the latest chapter of Yuki Tabata’s original manga series has finally given Asta and Sister Lily the heart-to-heart they’ve needed since the beginning of the arc! As part of the grand kickoff to the Ultimate Wizard King arc, Asta finally confessed his feelings (for real this time) for Sister Lily. In the end, he was rejected by her for the first time since he was a child, but thanks to Lucius Zogratis, they never had time to fully dive into these emotions.

Lucius took over Sister Lily’s spirit and made her his first paladin, and Lily eventually came face to face with Asta again in the Land of the Sun as part of the first major battle of the final arc. It’s here that Asta was finally able to save her from this mind control thanks to his mastery of his latest Moves technique he’d learned since landing abroad, and now they’re finally able to open up a bit with one one more after all that’s happened.

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What’s next for Asta and Sister Lily?

Chapter 350 of Black clover picks up shortly after Asta passes on his Moves technique to Sister Lily, and thankfully it is confirmed that she has been freed from Lucius’s power as a result. But she immediately starts crying when she thinks back on all the horrible things she said to Asta, and all she did as a result of her becoming one of the Paladins. This even makes her tell Asta why she ended up in the orphanage in the first place, and it’s revealed that she did it to help those who are discriminated against because of their magical abilities.

As she loses consciousness, she begins to cry more about everything that happened, but Asta tearfully tells her that it wasn’t her fault. This was all Lucius’s doing thanks to his terrible magical powers, and as he prepares for the Day of Judgment to come, Lucius is only going to do worse things from now on. Now Asta is more fueled than ever to take on the future and all the terrible foes and battles that are sure to come his way.

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