Black Clover Cliffhanger puts Lily’s life on the line

Black clover prepares Asta for his next big battle in the Land of the Sun, and the cliffhanger from the series’ latest chapter has Sister Lily’s life on the line as Asta faces off against a powerful new foe. As Yuki Tabata’s original manga series goes through the first proper battle of its final arc, Asta and the Ryuzen Seven struggle to defeat the brainwashed Sister Lily and a few other Paladins. But the series’ final chapters have turned things back in Asta’s favor, as he’s finally been able to get through to Lily.

The previous chapter of the series kicked things up a notch when Asta and Lily finally fought each other and Asta found out that she was still hanging within Lucius Zogratis’s control. But as the fight goes on and Asta hits her with his newly mastered Putting technique, and as he prepares for his next big fight, Sister Lily has been left in a precarious state where she has been freed from her brainwashing but not fully recovered .

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What happens to Sister Lily after Lucius?

Chapter 350 of Black clover picks up shortly after Asta hits Lily with Zetten, and she begins to break free from Lucius’ brainwashing. She cries for everything she’s done since becoming a paladin, but Asta insisted it’s not her fault. After this tearful confession, she suddenly passes out completely. Thankfully, she’s confirmed not to be dead, but she’s far from free, as Lucius’ magic has had quite an impact on her.

Ryudo confirmed that while she hasn’t died, she won’t wake up until Asta knocks Lucius down completely. It’s just a question of whether Asta will be able to pull off such a feat, as it will be much easier said than done. Asta lost last time, and now it remains to be seen if Zetten will be able to bridge the gap in their abilities. And possibly save Sister Lily in the process.

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