Big infotainment screens in cars won’t last long – BMW boss predicts safety responses

Big infotainment screens in cars won't last long - BMW boss predicts safety responses

BMW’s global boss believes giant in-car infotainment screens could disappear within a decade as they can distract drivers.

According to BMW boss Oliver Zipse, gigantic hi-tech infotainment screens could disappear from new cars within a decade.

The BMW board of directors warned that they pose a potential safety risk.

“Driver distraction is the leading cause of accidents, not speeding,” Mr Zipse told international media during a briefing at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US, reported by Automotive News..

The BMW boss made the comments as the German automaker unveiled a possible solution to the problem – a full-width head-up display system that extends across the windshield.

One of the potential applications for BMW’s display is advanced augmented reality navigation.

The BMW executive said he was “absolutely convinced” that the screens in the center of the dashboard, which have to take the driver’s gaze off the road, will soon be history.

“It’ll be gone in 10 years,” Zipse told US media.

Mr Zipse also believes that the decision to phase out distracting screens will not be made by consumers, but by lawmakers and security agencies.

“Probably the regulator won’t allow that,” he said.

Despite trying to reach the moral and safety heights now, BMW teamed up with him last year AirConsole – a Swiss company that offers online games for any screen from the cloud – to offer what it calls “casual gaming” in its cars, in a similar way to what is already being used by Tesla.

Mr Zipse appears to be ignoring BMW’s recent plans to introduce distraction into its cars and says there needs to be a change.

“If you have to look down to operate your car, we think that’s a big mistake,” he told US media.

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