Bia Miranda slaps Pétala in ‘A Fazenda 14’ and the audience demands eviction; watch

Gretchen’s granddaughter, who is farmer of the week, cursed and hit her ally in the game when she got scared

Playback/Playplus The public is asking for Bia Miranda’s eviction after she punched Pétala Barreiros

an attitude of Bi Miranda in “The farm 14part of the public revolted, which began to demand the expulsion of the peoa on social networks. In a viral video, the singer’s granddaughter Gretchen seems to take a hit Petal Barreiros🇧🇷 Allied in the game, they were talking when the influencer scared Bia, who responded by punching her friend. “Damn it, Petala”, the farmer of the week shot when she hit. The moment divided opinion and ended up among the most commented topics on Twitter this Friday, March 25: “Bia expelled, aggression is aggression, rule is rule,” one follower posted. “Bia needs to be evicted, she attacked Petala and I know she didn’t mean to hurt her, but she was threatening Petala’s physical integrity. There were people who were kicked out for much less, like Duda [Yankovich] and Cátia Paganote,” wrote another. On the other hand, there was also a viewer defending Gretchen’s granddaughter. “I don’t like Bia, but given what really happened, I don’t see that as a reason for expulsion. It was a joke made by Petala and Bia was just acting on a whim and I totally understand, if someone scares me I always hit that person without malice,” one person wrote. In this current edition of “A Fazenda” two participants have already been expelled from school for aggression: shayan and Tiago Ramos🇧🇷 DE Young pan has contacted Record TV to find out whether the broadcaster will take a position on the matter, but has not yet received a response.

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