Beyond Good and Evil 2 is getting an update from Ubisoft after canceling multiple games

Ubisoft has released an update about Beyond good and evil 2 in the middle of an interesting week for the company. For many, many years, Ubisoft has been trying to make a sequel Beyond good and evil Outside. In the mid-2000s, a more direct sequel was in the works, but it never materialized. The series lay dormant for years while small fan campaigns for a sequel took place online. However, in late 2010, Ubisoft confirmed it was working on it Beyond good and evil 2 and promised fans would participate in game testing to provide critical feedback for the game as it was made. However, it’s been years since we’ve seen the game.

Reports indicate that it is still in development and Ubisoft even hired new people for the project in 2022, but many are confused about its status. Ubisoft also confirmed that it had canceled and delayed a number of projects Skull and bones last week, leading many to fear the status of the long-awaited sequel. Ubisoft confirmed this to PCGamesN Which Beyond good and evil 2 is still very much in the works and people have nothing to fear at this point. Of course, that’s as much as we know and we’ll still be wondering when the game will actually be released, but at least it’s not one of the canceled titles.

“Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in development and the team is working hard to deliver on its ambitious promise,” said a Ubisoft spokesperson.

Only time will tell when we get to see the game next. If we’re lucky Ubisoft might host an event in the summer or fall with more updates on the upcoming games. Beyond good and evil 2 has been in development hell for years at this point and it feels like we have a long wait for some sort of update that indicates where the game is in development.

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