Between Us has apparently violated the law of the Geneva Conventions

Among us apparently violated the Geneva Conventions law, which is essentially the legal basis for several war crimes. We’re not going to give you a whole history lesson about the Geneva Conventions, but essentially it’s a set of rules and treaties that require participants in a war to be treated humanely. That means no torture, injured or sick people need to be taken care of, and so on. It is quite a crucial part of war and can cause a lot of political problems for those who break these rules, especially in a real war with real countries.

However, Among us is a silly game with little spacemen making some kills. It’s not at war, it’s not a country, but it still managed to violate the Geneva Conventions. The official Twitter account for Among us confirmed that it was against the law in 2020 before the game had its viral success. Among us has been around for quite some time but only got as big as it is now when people were looking for something to play during the pandemic. This made it absolutely dominate social media and become one of the biggest games of recent years. However, because it flew under the radar for so long, it could have a flaw that no one knew was a flaw. The red cross often associated with health or medical assistance was used in the MedBay in Among us. However, this is not allowed without express permission from the International Committee of the Red Crossmeaning InnerSloth had to change his colors.

As reported by Kotaku in 2017, the developers of Prison architect encountered a similar problem and received an email from the British Red Cross noting that it was a technical breach of the Geneva Conventions. As you might expect, the developer quickly made the necessary changes.

“If the Red Cross emblem or similar signs are used for any other purpose, however useful or unimportant they may seem, the special meaning of the emblem will diminish,” reads the email sent to the Prison architect team. “The Red Cross decal or similar designs are not general signs of ambulances, health care, first aid, nursing or medical professions or similar matters. In addition, they are not signs for commercial purposes, such as for advertising campaigns or on products.”

Did you play Among us before this change was made? Let me know in the comments or give me a call Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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