Ben Stiller plays three identical triplets in new series based on bizarre true story

Ben Stiller has had quite a prolific career as an actor, producer and director – and now he might be bringing a strange true story to life. This is according to a new report from VarietyStiller is in talks to star in an adaptation of Three identical strangers, the 2018 documentary of the same name. This fictionalized adaptation was to be presented as a limited series, which Stiller would produce and star as three separate characters. The series would be executive produced and directed by Party of Five And Masters of Sexby Amy Lippman.

SK Global’s idney Kimmel, John Penotti, Charlie Corwin and Marcy Ross also serve as executive producers along with Piers Vellacott, Dimitri Doganis and Tim Wardle of RAW and Emmeline Yang Hankins. Mark O’Connor of SK Global, Dan Braun and Josh Braun of Submarine would serve as co-executive producers. This would be Stiller’s first television role in years, as well as one of his biggest acting roles overall since 2017. In recent years, he has executive produced and directed projects such as Dismissal And Escape from Dannemora.

What’s Three identical aliens about?

Three identical aliens tells the story of Edward Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran, three identical triplets who were separated at birth and adopted by different families. The trio accidentally discovered each other in 1980 and became a media sensation, appearing on talk shows and movies like Desperate for Susan, and even open a steakhouse restaurant together. It was eventually revealed that the triplets were intentionally separated at birth for a secret scientific study, which attempted to explore “nature versus nurture” by placing each child in a family of different economic status.

“People had tried to tell this story before; we heard of at least three attempts from major US networks, two in the ’80s and one in the ’90s,” Jeff Wardle, who directed the film Three Identical Strangers, said. told CNN at the time of his release. “In any case, we spoke to people who had been involved in those projects and they told us that they had gone a long way to getting it ready for use… and it had been pulled at the last minute by people higher up. There was a huge amount of paranoia… people (were) against us, ‘You’re going to make this story impossible, you’re going to be shut down, it’s going to be pulled.’ As Lawrence Wright says in the film, there are a lot of powerful people out there who want this story to be silenced, and I feel like that’s true.”

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