Before she commits suicide, presenter sends a message to her ex-fiancé

“I can’t take this pain anymore,” wrote the American Neena Pacholke; relationship ended weeks before the wedding

Reproduction/Facebook/neenapacholketvNeena Pacholke hosted a news show in Wisconsin, USA

the american presenter Neena Pacholke committed suicide after ending a two-year relationship weeks earlier wedding. The case took place on August 27, but details of the case were released this Thursday 30 by the daily mail. What caught the attention is that the journalist sent a message to her ex-fiancé, Kyle, before she committed suicide. Neena, who lived in the US state of Wisconsin, was found dead at home after a friend called the police out of concern after receiving messages containing suicide content from the host. When authorities arrived at the house, they looked out the window but could not see if anyone was inside. Suddenly they heard a sound as if something had fallen. The journalist shot herself in the head with a gun she bought the same day she committed suicide. The night before her death, the presenter’s cell phone had Google searches on how to end her own life. Neena also texted her sister that she “needed someone to talk to”. “He [Kyle] told me he hates me and will feel like he’s won a million bucks when i’m out of his life,” he wrote. Minutes before shooting herself, Neena sent one last message to her ex-fiancé: ” I love you Kyle. I have always loved and always will. Despite how much you’ve ruined me, I’ve always had hope. I’m sorry I did this to you, but I can’t take this pain anymore.” Kyle even called the police for help, but the presenter had already committed suicide.

*If you are or know someone who is struggling with depression or has suicidal thoughts, look for the Life Appreciation Center (, which is available toll-free 24 hours a day by calling 188.

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