Beauty Thorne stopped kissing fans after a horror moment

The actress Bella Thorna former Disney star who now has a profile on OnlyFans revealed that she went through such an unpleasant situation that she changed her behavior towards fans.

What happens is that the actress had a habit of kissing her fans on the face or mouth to take pictures when they asked, but she decided that she no longer wanted to know about that.

“I used to kiss fans, mostly because a lot of fans asked me to kiss them for a picture — usually on the cheeks, sometimes on the lips,” she said. Going Mental podcast.

The artist also said that some lesbian or bisexual girls often asked for kisses, and she never refused to answer.

“Sometimes if it’s a really cute gay girl, they say, ‘I came out because of you, man, can you please kiss me?’ And I kept thinking, “How am I going to say no to this?” I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to kiss you, it’s okay.’”

Bella Thorne in The Babysitter (Handout)

Bella Thorne has been through an episode of harassment

However, things changed in Thorne’s mind after she was harassed during one of these fan interactions. She said that everything happened when she left a movie theater with a friend, and a large group of guys “attacked” them, asking for pictures and something else.

They arrived and asked for a picture, but knowing Thorne’s habit, they also asked for kisses.

“These guys asked us for a photo. We were fine, and they were taking a picture, and in the middle of the picture they said, ‘Can you kiss me on the cheek?’” she recalls.

“My boyfriend and I were like, ‘Well… it’s a really big group of guys, and it’s just us, so…'”

Bella Thorne as Cece Jones in Shake It Up

“As a woman, everyone knows the moment when you feel pressured in any scenario where the tables are turned and you feel physically vulnerable. This was one of those moments,” the actress explains.

She said she decided to kiss the boy on the cheek, but he turned around and “literally put his tongue all over my face”. The situation was so complicated that in addition to wanting to kiss, the boys attacked the two girls, and one of them even grabbed Thorne’s head tightly as he kissed her vigorously.

The actress stated that the situation was “horrible”! and revealed that they were still laughing about the two after the incident. Since then, Thorne has stopped taking pictures of fans kissing and still avoids large gatherings.

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