BBB 23: Brothers already have a target for the first wall; know who you are

On the second day of the program, the house already articulates the duo indication and thinks about strategies

Reproduction / TV GloboConversation in the gym pointed out the house’s first nominee on the wall

THE Big Brother Brazil 23 It starts yesterday and so much has already happened. Fred and Ricardo won the Immunity Challenge and are safe from the first elimination, but not everyone has that privilege. This Tuesday, the 17th, the house has been talking about voting all day and they have already chosen a target: Christian. The businessman doubles with the singer Marvvilla and to go to the wall, both must be voted. The ‘reveal’ of the target was done by key alves, at the gym. “General goes to Cris”, says the volleyball player. Gustavo then completes. “Whoever is leader must choose another couple and leave the whole house to vote for him”. participated in the conversation MC guime, Tina, Fred Nicácio and Marilia. “What were we thinking? The leader, if you vote for him, you ruin the whole house because everyone starts when they vote,” Key explained again. Fred Nicácio complained because he considers Marvvila “conclusive”.

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