Bárbara Borges considers giving up ‘A Fazenda 14’ after Deolane’s threats

The actress’s team released a rejection letter saying it preaches “fair play and no violence”

Play/PlayPlus Bárbara Borges and Deolane Bezerra fell out during a dynamic in ‘A Fazenda 14’

The actress Barbara Borges hinted that he is considering giving upThe farm 14after threats from the lawyer Deolane Bezerra during a dynamic. Last Sunday, the 20th, the rivals traded insults in a kind of “Game of Discord” and at some point the atmosphere between the two heated up and the widow of M.C. Kevin said he wanted to “break the face of the actress”. Bárbara called Deolane a “criminal” and the lawyer countered, “It doesn’t matter”. The actress then fired: “Doesn’t it matter? You are the law, right? Then you break me and nothing comes of it. Thank you, Brazil. I am being threatened outside the ‘Farm’”. After the dynamic, the former paquita da Xuxa burst into tears. When comforted by the actor Iran Malfitano and the former BBB keline, she said she is considering giving up the program. “It doesn’t pay, it isn’t. The program does not give me anything more valuable to me than R$1.5 million. I don’t know where I’m going,” Bárbara said.

The woman continued her outburst by criticizing Deolane’s attitude: “A woman who has I don’t know how many followers, who has the influence she has, who has the power she has, is making all sorts of threats here.” I don’t get peace, I don’t get protection, it’s up to me. Whatever happens after that, I have to do it with myself,” said Bárbara. The actress’ team released a rejection letter stating that it preaches “fair play and no violence”. “No one is allowed to go through this situation and the aggressor after threat even suggested that the law will not be enforced and he will go unpunished. The crime of threat is regulated in Art. 147 of the Penal Code and consists of threatening someone with words, gestures or other means, to cause him unjust and serious harm and, as punishment, the law stipulates imprisonment from one to six months or a fine. The crime of bodily harm referred to in art. 129 stipulates that insulting the physical integrity or health of another: imprisonment, from three months to one year,” the note said.

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