Babi Borges reveals he couldn’t stay away from Iran Malfitano after ‘A Fazenda’ ended

In an interview with the Morning Show, the reality show finalist couple gave details about their relationship: ‘The thing got stronger’

Play/Jovem Pan NewsBabi Borges and Iran Malfitano were guests on the Morning Show

Next Wednesday the 18th the program morning show has received Barbara Borges and Iran Malfitanoreality show finalist couple The farm. After taking over the relationship, the actors gave details of the mixed feelings during the confinement on the program Record. “That wasn’t dating, it was friendship with a lot of affection. It was the beginning, but it wasn’t. It was a friendship that grew and intensified. Everyone followed the game, the activities and dynamics were very stressful. Thanks to the maturity of both, we didn’t miss the point. We have a very nice story. I had doubts, inside I didn’t leave the thoughts, I would be right back in the game. When it was over I missed it so much. He was my best friend in the game and I missed his presence, I wanted to be with him right away. It happened very naturally, without us planning it,” explains Babi. Iran revealed that his own family noticed the lack of Barbara in his life. “We came in to play, we supported each other a lot inside. As soon as the game was over, I couldn’t sleep for the first three days, that whole thing about getting out of jail. My mother said I missed Babi. I really missed her.”

Even with the support of many fans, Babi and Iran stated that they also receive negative energy and hasty requests for an engagement. “We saw the strength the couple had even before we were a couple. When we left, we saw many people cheering us on. We’ve seen a lot of reality scenes, it’s a lot of connection. That everyone can feel what we feel is very good,” said Iran. “At the same time that we get very positive energy, we are of course also aware of the other side,” commented the winner of ”A Fazenda 14”. Bárbara plans to visit São Paulo more often in the future and is ruling out a move from Rio de Janeiro. Malfitano clarified the couple’s expectations for professional life in the coming months. “We love dramaturgy, acting, this is our life. I do not think so [faria um OnlyFans], nowadays it is an exhibition that no longer fits. A while ago I was probed, I almost did a rehearsal,” he concluded.

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