Australian company builds 8500 electric Toyota HiLux, LandCruiser Utens for mining sites

Australian company builds 8500 electric Toyota HiLux, LandCruiser Utens for mining sites

Australian company SEA Electric has announced a billion-dollar plan to supply local mines with 8,500 Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser electric Utens over the next five years.

Melbourne-based commercial electric vehicle manufacturer sea ​​electric says it intends to convert 8,500 Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser distribution Utens to electric power for numerous Australian mining sites over the next five years.

In a media statement, SEA Electric announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mining Electric Vehicle Company (MEVCO), a start-up specializing in the sale of zero-emission vehicles to mines.

SEA Electric claims that the plan to supply MEVCO with the 8500 HiLux and LandCruiser electric Utens by 2028 is worth nearly $1 billion – resulting in an average cost of more than $115,000 per vehicle.

The 4×2 electric Toyota HiLux from SEA Electric

According to SEA Electric, the HiLux and LandCruiser’s engines will be removed and replaced with the Melbourne-based company’s direct-drive electric motor, which is available for both the 4×2 and 4×4 versions of the HiLux and the 4×4-only LandCruiser.

The electric motor is powered by two batteries – a 60kWh pack with a claimed range of up to 260km or a larger 88kWh unit said to have a range of up to 380km.

Both battery packs are fast-charged with direct current and should fill up to about 80 percent charge in one hour.

SEA Electric is one of several companies developing packages to convert Australia’s best-selling paraphernalia to electric power, joining companies like Queensland’s Roev.

In October 2022, SEA Electric announced drive Its Toyota HiLux electric-powered conversions would likely cost close to $100,000 — nearly four times what the Ute’s least expensive 4×2 shift-shift gasoline-powered variant, which starts at $25,375 plus road costs.

SEA Electric has yet to announce pricing for its electric-converted LandCruisers. The least expensive new variant of the Toyota LandCruiser ’79 Series’ single cab chassis will start at $72,550 plus road cost.

SEA Electric’s Melbourne manufacturing facility

SEA Electric claims that more than half of its 2023 allotment of electric commercial vehicles has been pre-sold – including its battery-powered Iveco and Hino trucks.

In today’s media statement, MEVCO CEO Matt Cahir said the deal was “a crucial partnership for the mining industry.”

“It enables the commercialization of the world’s leading EV (electric vehicle) technology for heavy and light commercial vehicles at a scale that makes sense for the bespoke needs of the mining sector,” said Mr. Cahir.

“SEA Electric’s unique architecture is perfectly suited to the task, with the system’s high-torque characteristics ideally suited to the purpose.”

SEA Electric isn’t the only Australian company converting the country’s best-selling paraphernalia into electric vehicles.

In November 2022, Queensland tech start-up Roev announced pricing and specifications of its Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger electric conversion packages, which start at $47,990 — excluding the cost of the donor vehicles, which typically range from $50,000 to $65,000 lie.

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