Attack on Titan Studio shares a sneak peek at the final episodes of the anime

It’s almost time, guys. After more than ten years, Attack on Titan will come to an end this year. It’s hard to believe, but Eren Yeager’s journey will be completed in the coming months as Studio MAPPA works hard on its final installments. Of course, the team isn’t working alone, as other studios are collaborating on the anime, and one of those teams just previewed the latest episodes of Attack on Titan.

As you can see below, the Studio Kusanagi crew shared a look at their work on Attack on Titan. The studio has been asked to do 3D modeling and backgrounds for the final season, so the order is being worked on. Now we’ve gotten a look at the models and can see parts of Paradis in all its glory.

From gigantic walls to picturesque houses, Studio Kusanagi has laid the foundation for a vibrant city with this design. Fans can see a waterway flowing through the area, and of course there are plenty of streets along the land to see. You can imagine how busy the scene will look as Studio MAPPA brings characters and life to the setting. But for now, Studio Kusanagi is responsible for bringing the 3D model to life as a base.

There’s no telling what other 3D work the studio is working on, but fans can guess. After all, Studio MAPPA incorporated CG animation into the final season of Attack on Titan with relative ease. Today, the style is used to bring Eren’s Rumbling to life, and the latest trailer for Attack on Titan showed how terrifying his army looks in 3D.

Soon fans will be able to see the power of the Rumbling first hand as Attack on Titan returns in March. The two-part finals event will begin in the spring and wrap up later in 2023. Currently, production of the final season is stalling behind the scenes at Studio MAPPA, and executives such as Masafumi Mima (sound director) have been posting regular updates on social media. for enthusiasts.

What do you think of this taster of Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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