At the age of 56, Salma Hayek looks stunning and is accused on the networks

At the age of 56, the Mexican actress Salma Hayek she radiates beauty and does not look old. However, after she made a post on Instagram last Thursday (18), she received a lot of criticism from her followers.

The problem was that, when showing her look, the actress Frida, he used many filters, which were soon noticed by his followers, who always pay attention to details.

“Who is this?” said one person mockingly. “I love these filters. Everyone is so smooth [no rosto]”, someone else wrote ironically.

“You’re beautiful, so stop making facial adjustments, it’s getting out of hand,” said another person.

Salma Hayek (Publicity)

“You are naturally beautiful. Filters are not necessary,” said another.

However, despite criticism of the image of Hayek in a white robe, straight hair and red lipstick, there was also a lot of praise from fans.

“Literally the prettiest,” said one person. “You look 25 years old,” said another, praising the actress’s youthfulness.

“WHAT IS HER AGE?????” joked another netizen.

Salma Hayek seems unconcerned about the public’s criticism of the internet

With her career on the rise, the artist has been lauded and proclaimed a ‘goddess’ on social media since she appeared at the ceremony Golden Globes 2023 with a look that caught everyone’s attention.

In her career, she has a long portfolio and has already participated in several films such as The sniper’s ballad (1995), gucci house (2021) and forever (2021).

In addition, she will be in the cast of without blood, a production directed by Angelina Jolie, which is already in post-production.

For 2023, she is already scheduled to appear in the third film in the franchise. magical mikestarring Channing Tatum.

See the image that sparked the controversy below:

Salma Hayek (Instagram View)

Hayek stated that he had to prepare for the hot scene of magical mike

The actress joined the cast as a replacement for Thandiwe Newton, who left the film in April due to family issues.

In a chat on the show Entertainment tonightin the United States, she commented on the new film of the franchise in which she will be a part.

“I play a strong woman. You know what my best day at work was? It was the day I sat down and watched 12 half-naked men dance and do pirouettes, and I still had to sort them out,” the artist joked .

Afterwards, the actress mentioned the sensual dance she did with Mike Lane and revealed that it was something intense.

“It was a magical moment…it reminded me of who I really was,” he said.

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