At $200,000, this is the most expensive Toyota Yaris ever sold

At $200,000, this is the most expensive Toyota Yaris ever sold

How much would you pay for a Toyota Hot Hatch? A buyer paid twice as much for the already most expensive Yaris on offer.

A 2022 Toyota GRMN Yaris has set a new record, selling for more than AU$200,000 at a Japanese auction.

The hammer fell on the high-performance Toyota hatchback for 18,165,000 yen before fees – or roughly double the car’s original cost of AU$201,395 – with the GRMN Yaris reportedly having just 40 miles on the way to its new owner in Hong Kong should be on the clock.

Launched in January 2022, the all-wheel drive GRMN Yaris is limited to just 500 vehicles – all of which were sold exclusively in the Japanese market.

The GRMN – which translates to ‘Gazoo Racing tuned by the champions of the Nürburgring’ – is both lower and wider than the GR Yaris it’s based on, and thanks to a carbon fiber bonnet, roof and tail, 20kg lighter wings .

Weight has also been saved through the use of light, fixed Recaro racing seats and the elimination of the second row of seats.

Whilst the 200kW 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine delivers no extra power, torque has increased by 20Nm compared to the GR Yaris to 390Nm, with ratios in the six-speed manual also changed for acceleration to enhance.

Toyota offered the GRMN Yaris in two different packages – Rally and Circuit – with the latter being sold at auction.

The original limited edition Yaris price ranged from around AU$88,000 to AU$101,000.

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