Assumed? Grazi Massafera travels with Marlon Teixeira and the model reacts to a photo of the actress in a bikini

Video of them appearing hand in hand while walking in Bahia went viral on social networks and spread rumors

Play/Instagram/massafera/marlontxGrazi Massafera and Marlon Teixeira traveled together to Bahia

Rumors that the actress Thank you Massafera lives an affair with the model Marlon Teixeira more intense this weekend. That’s because a video went viral in which the couple appears to be holding hands in a romantic atmosphere in Bahia. A post from Marlon in Chapada Diamantina includes a video of him appearing on a zip line next to Grazi, confirming that they traveled together. When sharing the travelogues on social networks, they also exchanged loving comments. The actress posted some bikini photos and the model wrote, “Oo Rita”. A reference to music Ritawhich became a hit in the voice of tier. Marlon added an emoji of surprise and another “drooling” to the comment. Grazi replied: “Ohh Rita, I withdraw the complaint…”.

In the post the model made of the trip, the actress left the same comment, quoting an excerpt from Tierry’s music. Fans soon protested. “Oh lucky man,” one person wrote. “You know you won,” said another. “Take good care of her, you see,” added another. After a relationship with the actor Caio Castro, Grazi would have spent five months with filmmaker Alexandre Machafer. They allegedly broke up in February last year and the artist has not engaged in any other public relationship since. Marlon had an affair with the actress a few years ago. Bruna Marquises and most recently dated the actress Debora Nascimento. That last relationship came to an end in January last year.

Message from Grazi Massafera

Marlon Teixeira responded to a post of Grazi Massafera wearing a bikini – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/massafera

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