Assad Zaman Teases “New Dynamic” After Season Finale Surprise (Exclusive)

Sunday Night Season Finale of AMC’s Interview with the vampire came up with some important developments. The episode saw Claudia (Bailey Bass) and Louis (Jacob Anderson) carry out their plan to kill Lestat (Sam Reid) and free themselves from his tyranny, as well as provide a surprising explanation for why Rashid (Assad Zaman) was there in the 1970s. when Daniel (Eric Bogosian) met Louis for the first time. That revelation marks a major turning point in the Interview story, and it’s one that Zaman says is creating a new dynamic for the show’s second season.

Warning: Spoilers for the Season Finale of Interview with the vampire“The Thing Lay Still” past this point.

After realizing, thanks to his dream, that Rashid was present the night he met Louis in the 1970s, Daniel is already tense as he begins the next session of interviews with Louis. Until now Daniel had assumed that Rashid was human, but it is clear that he is questioning this. As the interview progresses and we get a very tidied and neat account of Lestat’s murder – complete with Claudia’s diary mysteriously missing several pages – Daniel finally has enough and pushes things along. He challenges Louis’ honesty, and it prompts Rashid to reveal himself as not Rashid, but Armand, a 500-year-old vampire who Louis says is the “love of his life.”

While some fans might have guessed that Rashid was actually Armand, the reveal at the end of the episode was still mind-blowing — but for fans of Rice’s novel, this could be a significant development for another reason. In the novel, Daniel and Armand have very important interactions. In the Vampire Chronicles series in particular, it is Armand who gives Daniel the dark gift. While it’s not clear if that’s the direction the AMC series will go in, Zaman said what comes next will definitely change things for the characters – especially since it seems like there’s more to explore with their history during that first interview. .

“That’s a really, really good question,” Zaman said when asked what Armand really thinks about Daniel. I mean, look, we know this part of the story, this part of the way Rolin structured our retelling of Interview with the Vampire, this is new to all of us. This creates a whole new dynamic because we know how Armand and Daniel met in the books. And this makes that first interview something that will be very, very, very fascinating to revisit and that, I think, will answer a lot of those questions. pretty much all I can really say.”

Zaman also opened up about taking on the iconic role of Armand, explaining that he didn’t immediately know he was playing Rashid and while he doesn’t know how it will all turn out, he is working with fans on the discovery.

“I was very scared. I was very scared. I didn’t know. I didn’t know who I was auditioning for during my first few auditions, and I found out halfway through the process,” Zaman said. “So I kind of understood where the audience might be when that reveal came, because it was like I was singing such a zoom with Rolin when halfway through the audition process, going to the next bit of audition, but he was like, ‘Look, I want to talk to you about Rashid.’ And in my head I think, “Why does he want… He’s got bigger characters to worry about. Why does he want to talk to me about Rashid?” And then he sits down, and he tells me who Rashid is, and I sit here clenching my chair and say, ‘Don’t lose your cool. Don’t lose your cool. ‘ So yes. I have no illusions that this is a big undertaking and that it will be difficult.”

He added: “And it’s hard to come in now after sort of living under a rock and watching season one sort of flower and the reaction it’s had, which has been overwhelmingly positive and beautiful and I’m like, so happy. But it’s hard to really talk about because I’ve played Rashid to a certain extent. It’s great to be able to unleash Armand, but it’s still kinda… Still don’t know how it will turn out “The dark a little bit. I don’t want to prejudge what it might be, and it will be some kind of discovery for all of us, I think.”

episodes of Interview with the vampire streaming now on AMC+. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

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