ARCADIA, Dungeons & Dragons 5E Magazine, ends in July

MCDM Productions has confirmed it to be ARCADIA magazine in July, ending a two-and-a-half year run of fantastic articles that provided resources for Dungeons and Dragons 5E. The announcement came iafter long post to supporters on Patreon yesterday, in which MCDM spoke about its plans in the wake of a rumored more restrictive Open Gaming License. “For now, and at least for a few months, nothing will change!” MCDM wrote. “We have tons of cool 5E items and art in the pike and we are all excited about it. We already have content in development through July. The flip side of this is; July will be the last batch of 5E specific items. The new licensing just doesn’t make sense to us.”

The Open Gaming License (or OGL) has long been used by publishers as the framework for publishing Dungeons and Dragons compatible material, but Wizards has announced plans to release a new version that “revokes” previous versions, establishes a royalty structure, and adds language about usage rights that many creators find unpalatable. MCDM is said to be one of several publishers impacted by the OGL’s new royalty structure, and is one of several publishers announcing plans to move forward with their own gaming system this week.

In the post, MCDM noted that it had been tossing around ideas for a new gaming system for months, and that the new gaming system would likely formally enter development later this year, even if no new OGL had been announced. “To be honest, I have no idea what the next big project would be Flee, mortals! and I suspect this year was going to be the year we started working on our own game full-time anyway,” MCDM wrote. “The Seattle Company [Wizards of the Coast] just made that decision a lot easier.”

MCDM Productions was founded by Matt Colville, a game designer who has worked on tabletop RPGs as well as video games. of Colville Run the game video series became incredibly popular on YouTube, which led to him founding MCDM Productions and making several popular books with additional rules for 5E campaigns.

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