Apex Legends Leak references controversial heirloom plans

Apex Legends’ Heirloom system may soon be updated with a new feature that prevents players from being 100% sold. Recent leaks have suggested that recolors – a cosmetic variant where a base skin is colored differently and later resold – could also be introduced to the heirloom pool to give players different cosmetic options to choose from when equipping their coveted heirlooms. That might sound like a good idea on the surface, but many are skeptical about how Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts plan to implement this rumored cosmetic system.

Leaks regarding the possibility of Heirloom recolors first surfaced earlier this week when Twitter user SomeoneWhoLeaks shared a screenshot showing a retexture for Wraith’s Kunai, the first Heirloom ever added to the game. In response to a suggestion that this might just be an update to the Heirloom in general, the said the leaker this should be interpreted as an entirely new texture or a “retheme” as the files suggested.

After that leak, another Twitter user was known for their Top content, KralRindo, said “Heirloom recolors are officially comingAn image has been shared to show a preview of what these new colors might look like, but it’s a prediction rather than a leak.

Respawn has not confirmed anything about Heirloom recoloring, despite conclusions drawn by leaks or the community, but previous recolor implementations in Top have not instilled much confidence in some naysayers who are already imagining the worst. Given how difficult an heirloom is to obtain in the first place, there are many”these better be freecomments, but given Apex’s monetization system, it’s hard to imagine any heirloom variety being free. At most we could see it having an Apex Coin value (real money) as well as a more expensive amount of Legend Tokens or Crafting Metals as recolors have been implemented that way before, but again this is just speculation.

Recolor Top have also been a point of contention in the past, which doesn’t really help the situation. Recoloring older skins or skins tied to past events and reselling them isn’t a bad idea by any means, but the way they are sold often frustrates players. They are sometimes bundled with Apex packs to jack up the price and are sometimes locked so people have to buy the base skin first if they also want the new color.

Neither Respawn nor EA have announced any plans to recolor Heirlooms at this time.

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